The greeting from JINSEN

greetingMany months passed by since I had decided to build the orphanage in Cambodia. It has been 4 years since the project has started, and 1 year since the orphanage has been built.

Of course, there is a reason why it took so long.

Once we decide to accept a child to live in our orphanage, we must take a high responsibility for keeping the child to grow up. It is easy to get started, yet it is still under the question of how to continue the activity in the future. I am too old to find solutions alone.

With the support from many people, we are able to start the sailing of “JINSEN”, and we have embarked on the journey to the bright future of the Cambodian children.

Of course, this journey is not always smooth. Therefore, we hope to get the assistance from you. We promise to try our best to continue the activity and help the Cambodian children to have a bright future.

Representative TAKADA Seiki


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